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Roof Thermal and Sound Insulation

rep10Build up Roof Repair & Paint install an extensive range of roof insulation. Catering for the need of climate control in your home or workplace .We have a full range of products to suit your needs and budget. Proven imported and locally manufactured products to meet all clients different needs.

Let Build up Roof Repair and Paint install a new layer of energy saving insulation or replace that old flat layer.

Buildup Ceiling Insulation Features:

  • Saves Energy (keeps living spaces cool in summer and keeps heat in, in the winter)
  • Asbestos Free
  • Non Combustible
  • Does not provide sustenance for varmints and rodents
  • Non toxic
  • No loos fibres

Let Buildup Roof Repair and Paint install a new layer of energy saving Insulation of replace that old flat layer.

rep8Sisalation® is a high quality reflective foil insulation product that cost-effectively insulates and protects residential, commercial and industrial buildings against heat, cold, dust and moisture. Essentially Sisalation® is a lamination of aluminium foil to Kraft paper, or woven cloth and reinforced with fibreglass and, in some products, flame retardant adhesive.

It is economical and maintenance free.

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