Roof Painting and Renovations Johannesburg

Roof painting should not be a reoccurring event and all precautions should be taken to do it properly as to increase the time line between roof paint applications. The roof of your home is the first barrier of defence from the elements and the paint is the point of impact. Combining a quality paint with the expertise of Build up Roof Repair and Paint will prolong the life of your roof and the time intervals between paint applications, resulting in money savings in the long run.

The 10 basics assessment questions of Buildup roof repair:

1)      Is this the first paint application to roof?

2)      What paint was used on previous application?

3)      What is the current paint condition?

4)      Is the discolouring of the roof even throughout the roof?  (If not) /What caused the roof to discolour in certain sections?

5)      What is the visual structural condition of roof? (look for even line on ridging at apex of roof,  check for dipping on eaves of roof, condition of protruding wood on eaves of structure)

6)      What type of roof cover :e.g. clay tile, slate, concrete tiles, fibre cement tile, post formed metal ?(IBR, Corrugated, Chromadek, Harvey)

7)      Would the roof have to be chemically cleaned, chemically striped ,acid washed,  steel brushed, high pressured washed, sand blasted or would a simple garden hose wash do? (Prior to new application)

8)      Are all the valleys and eaves even with no obstruction?

9)      What is the condition of flashing, gutter and down pipes?

10)  What is the condition of the ceilings inside the house? (stained ceilings are a indication of leaks)

An Expert assessment by Buildup roof, repair and paint will insure that all necessary repairs and preventative repairs are preformed prior to applying the finishing coat of roof paint.

Build up Roof Repair and Paint provides a thorough, detailed quotation that itemises all the aspects of the paint project in order for the client to make a well informed decision.

Build up’s expert assessment will not only insure that the right products are used on the project but it also insures that the client is quoted on the complete project.

Build up’s quotations assures that there are no nasty surprises added to the original costing once the project has been started. Build up’s professional approach form start to completion not only guarantees value of money to client but a finished product that Buildup is proud to guarantee.

A properly planned project that is well supervised and executed by tradesman that take pride in their portion of the project, with proper tools, correct equipment and a quality paint that will render a professionally painted roof.

Application of paint.

Based on the selection of the correct paint product for your roof Build Up applies expertly brushed on applications, roll on methods and high pressure spray on applications for a lasting impression.

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